DIsconect of wego3 and ipad with using djay2 or djay pro app.

hello. i have a problem.when i try to connect the iPad to the wego3, DJay app runs 20 seconds and disconnect. Is charging and the device sees, but does not run the program from the controller.

ipad 3
djay 2 and dj pro

somebody have this kind of problem?

Hi, after cleaning the female connector on the iPad from dust, it solved the same problem I had. Cheers!

More cleaning needed? Could be. Vacuum clean, use toothpick in wood. Google how-to clean connectors. Perhaps someone here has good advice as to cleaning?

Thank you for your help DJ Boum Boum,
toothpicks are always a good suggestion. 

@Vanya please contact us right away if you feel something else is causing the disconnection, btw which iOS version are you using?

Cheers,Lukas E.

wow. now its working) big thanks

no. the same problem again. what else it can be?

hi/ steel have this problem. i clean everything. sometimes ipad writes a message when connected. PIONEER DDJ-WEGO3: the connected device is not supported. i have iOS 9.3.5. but earlier everything worked fine