Disk Space usage - sluggish start

The more I use djay Pro on my iPhone, the more disk space it starts taking. I’ve only imported a couple of MP3s, I mostly use the Spotify stream to mix. My guess is that it stores all the wave data and cue points however I am over 2.1GB of disk space. I’ve run apps that clear the cache and it has not helped. Any way to clean that up? It also makes the app very slow on startup.

Waves and cue points does not take much memory. The only way I know to delete this metadata on the iPhone is delete and reinstall apps. Reinstalling need only a view seconds. On the discspace difference before and after reinstall you see how much disc space the methadata take. If someone have a better answer, please welcome.

Allgorithm: it will be good that you give the user detailed control about the data what takes discspace.

I truly appreciate your answer and insight.