Display Album Art on external display

Is there any possibility to display the album art of the track(s) currently being played on an external display / projector? Some Vinyl DJs put the albums in front of their DJ gear so that the dancers can see what album is playing.

I’d like to do this digitally!

So this is currently not possible, even using eg. VJay?

Any chance to get the album art showing on DJ pro on iPad? Now that the VJay software is been integrated it shouldn’t be a big step to just let you choose the album art instead of some other picture, shouldn’t it?

For example as one of the visualizers?

Yes yes yes!!
And what a fantastic track to Demonstrate this with, I’m also a Salsa DJ with the same situation. And also it’s fantastic for educating the crowd about the music you are playing :wink:

I’m with Andrew on this, I have long wanted to project the current track info and album art on an external screen for my event attendees (people are constantly asking me for song names, artists, etc.). I would love it if this functionality were incorporated into the DJ Pro video section; ideally it would show track info and album art for both local and Spotify tracks, or some default album art if none were available. YouTube does this nicely with certain tracks:

Hi Andrew,

thank you very much for your post.
I forwarded your request internally and we are thankful for sharing your idea/ request with us.

It would be great if other users could up vote your post to give this request a push.

Lukas E.

Hi Andrew Atken,

thank you for sharing, this is not supported at the moment. I opened and new feature request in our issue tracking system.
Would be nice if other users tell their feelings about this feature.

Lukas E.

That’s why I still use iTunes Last version which has “iTunes DJ” playlist and can show album art in a separate fullscreen window. Not really a djing software, but people love to see album covers while dancing. Please add this option to dj Pro for Windows, can’t be too complicated. 

Hello, I support this request, As A Tango Music DJ displaying the album atwork and the name’s song is a plus, that gives to dancers the opportunity to talk about the tracks between the tandas.