Display album art on turntable in DJPro

I would love to see the album art on the turntable of the IPad app instead of the current circles with a red line, how can I do that?

Hey Lucas.
Will this be an option for DJay Pro iOS?
I Need to see the artwork on Vinyl.
Also for the new DJay Pro for iPhone.

Hi Lucas,
I am running Djay Pro (latest version) for iPad and when viewing 2 deck vinyl mode (having checked “Show artwork”), I still do not see the artwork on the vinyl. Anything that needs to be configured?
Best regards

Lucas, are you referring to Djay Pro for Mac? I cannot find the configuration you are pointing to in Djay Pro for iPad. BR

Hi Juan Soto,

this is only possible in the 2 deck Vinyl mode by changing the vinyl appearance setting in the djay preferences.
Lukas E.

Please make sure Vinyl Style is set to “Picture Disc”.

Lukas E.

Hi Dj Boum Boum,

I am very sorry you got me there. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Unfortunately showing the artwork on a platter is not possible with djay Pro for the iPad. 

Lukas E.

But it IS available on djay2. Why is that?

Just purchased the DJ Pro for IPhone app, and already had the Djay 2 for IPhone, seems like the spinning album artwork while a song is playing on the deck should be an option on the Pro app as well. Please add in a future update, otherwise these apps are awesome! :wink:

I am running dJay Pro on my iPad with a Numark IDJPro. Is there a way to switch from waveforms to Vinyl View? If not, can this be part of a future update?

Thank you!