Display BPMs at all times

*NOTE: I searched before posting to avoid creating duplicate topics, found this from 2013

Please make it possible to have the BPMs of current song displayed at all times when opening iOS menus.

Hi @LaidbackFred, thanks for the suggestion and for running the search before creating this.

  1. I see what you mean when loading a song to a deck in the Expanded Library view.
  2. Are there other specific views or menu situations where this happens? I want to be a specific as possible when sharing the suggestion with the dev team. Thanks!

Hello @Slak_Jaw,
Yes sir please make this happen.

This has been bugging me for years. It does happen when bringing up every menu especially on the phone. Sometimes you want to do something while the music’s going on and you just simply need to know what the BPM’s are playing at.

Hi @LaidbackFred, some specific screenshots from iPhone and iPad would be extremely helpful in communicating this suggestion. I’d like to make sure all possible situations are clearly communicated to the dev team. In the meantime, I have informed them of the missing BPM in the Expanded Library View. Thanks!

I’d be eternally grateful for this to be implemented into Djay Pro.
I have to play 6+ hours open format club gigs where trying to remember the bpm in this environment becomes a tedious chore with all of the lights flashing, people requesting horribly inappropriate songs etc.

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Wow! I can remember the BPM of tracks that I bought in the 80s :smiley:

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Lol, same here….i can remember bpm’s from 1987-2017 (which to be fair, every single track released in 2017 were all produced by DJ mustard and all were :100: bpm :joy:)
New “music” is coming out so fast now it’s difficult to keep track, especially after decades of doing the dumb things DJ’s do after the club closes.
Also, these new “tracks” are usually 2:12 seconds long and you gotta have a string of them lined up.

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Just do what Fatboy Slim does, and set all your tracks to the same BPM :smiley:

And James Hype - 128 BPM

128 BPMs was High Energy and techno back in the day

Apparently it’s the present perfect dancing bpm

I add to this request. Please make a way to always see the BPM.


Y’all please make sure to click “VOTE” at the top left of this post, as of now only 2 people have voted in favor of such an important feature.

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