display comment field in full screen library (for harmonic mixing)

i know this is unlikely since DJAY for mac has it’s own harmonic mixing system, but i’d love to see the first few characters of the comment field displayed for tracks in the full screen library. album column could be removed to make room for this.

it would also be great if sorting by comment was an option, DJ Player does a great job of this. in another thread i suggested moving the sorting toggle to the top status bar with the options of title, bpm up, bpm down, and comments if they make it in. but it could also replace the bottom radio buttons which i never touch (i always leave it on songs).

@Joseph in the meantime I’ve created auto-playlists for each key code. Not ideal especially w/ the BPM-sort-reset bug but it’s workable.

I’m with you in this one, it would be very helpfull