Display full names

Song names over a certain number of characters are cut off. This is an issue if you have two remixes of the same song. Would it be possible to have the full name (full title if you press and hold on title, full artist if you press and hold on artist, etc.) appear if you press and hold down on the item?

Definitely need this. I can’t tell which remix is which from the visible track name!

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I agree with this can be a pain in the arse. Scrolling name or a way to remove columns like album and artist in full screen so you can see more of the track name.

I’ve been waiting on a fix for this for 9 months now since I first reported it to Algoriddm, I have exchanged numerous e-mails with Algoriddm starting in August of 2012. The magic number is 23. Any titles that are longer than that are chopped off. The next time you are on iTunes look and see how many remixed tracks fit into 23 characters…not many! What attribute of a track is more important than being able to view it’s entire track title?

What’s worse is that even once the song is loaded to the turntable, only a few more characters in the song title appears, but it does not scroll to make the entire title visible.

Make no mistake, this is a problem and not an enhancement request. The press and hold feature you describe used to be available in earlier (prior to August 2012) versions. Djay for the iPad used to have the native iOS behavior of displaying the full title as balloon help. If you held your finger against a song title greater than 23 characters in length, the full title appeared in a balloon that would pop-up, thereby enabling a correct song choice.

When Algoriddm rolled out a release of djay for iPad that displayed BPM in the library view, this functionality went away. They are aware of this problem and hopefully are working on a fix.

While it can be an interesting brain-teaser, having to guess what characters in a song title are being truncated past the 23rd character of a song title is not the best way to select the right track. I eagerly await a solution to this as well.

I feel your pain and let’s hope that Algoriddm helps its users be successful at the basic task of selecting the desired track.


It is disappointing that even in djay 2 this continues to be a problem. A DJ needs to know the name of a track BEFORE loading a song to a turntable. As far as adding columns goes, that would require modifying the iTunes library format, something Algoriddm can not do. The answer IS to make more of the field visible, either by making is scroll horizontally, or if you hover on it to have the full title pop up.

If Algoriddm’s wish is for this to be a serious DJ platform, viewing a complete track title is an absolute necessity. The end of a title usually contains additional information that a DJ uses to distinguish one version of a track from another.

Yes I want to add to the list if people wishing full track names were visible - even if shown somewhere else on the screen when the track is highlighted.

If another “remix”-column is added, one could tag the files with:

artist - songtitle (best remix) and djay could regognize that everything within parentesis in the songtitle equals the name of the remix.

This would require an extra setting in options, to choose what columns to display in the search dialogue