Display Level Meters on Waveform Screen


It would be great if there is an option to show the level meters on the waveform screen. I use djay on a small form factor controller (a Reloop Ready specifically) which has no level meters. So in order to verify levels and adjust gain, I need to press a button on screen to either change to the Mixer view (on non-Hardware Mode) or the EQ view (while on Hardware Mode) to see the levels.

If the level meters are on the waveform screen, there would be no need to switch views to check levels for users of small form factor controllers without a hardware level meter built in.


@zzChris thanks for the suggestion! I also use a Reloop Ready and think this is a good idea. I have forwarded this onto the dev team for consideration. Please use the Vote button at the top so we can gauge user demand for this. Thanks again!

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