Display Manual FX Setting in Pro Mode like in Hardware Mode

On hardware mode for ios, where the vocal stems are, it’s really useful being able to see what effect is currently prepped above the vocal stems separation bars.

But I noticed on the pro mode in the ios version, there is a bit of space where it could be added.
I was thinking for a future update, could it be possible to add a little icon on pro mode sayimg which effect is prepped all the while having vocal stem control still open? Seeming as i prefer the pro mode screen to the hardware mode I thought that mabye I surely couldn’t be alone on this one.

Hi @Martial_Autist, can you please share some screenshots to more clearly explain your suggestion? Thanks!

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Was thinking where the circles are, like a tag to show which manual effect is currently on :wink:

Got it! Thanks @Martial_Autist. I’ll send this to the dev team for consideration.

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Cooooold!!! :ice_cube: :musical_note: cheers mate, all in favour of slak jaw being considerd a legend

You’re welcome @Martial_Autist. Hahaaa! Thanks!

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