Display the effect in use (& scroll through them from controller)

The more i mix with this tool in ipad, the more i tend to search for the right effect.

I’d appreciate a list in the settings where one can enable/disable each effect, because at it is now, it is an “endless list” to select from, and…

becuse one can not see the current effect in use… it takes wayyyyy to long to get the right one and this results in a suboptimal mix.

Am i the only one thinking that we need a display of the current effect in use and beeing able to scroll through them on the controller without opening the effect-screen ? Other than that, the effect themselves are perfect.

They sound great but are not available in an optimal way

Djay for ipad is an outstanding tool. Way ahead the competition. Lets make it better!

Which controller are you using?

o.k, perhaps i should be more clear in my topic. The controller can scrollthrough the effects, which is perfectly fine… BUT, one have to manually open the effects-window to see what effect is in use and that is not good. A simple text somewhere on the screen saying the name of the effect, IF an effect is in use (if no effect is in use, no text is displayed. This could be optional, in the rare case that someone does not want to know if and what effect he is using.

I’m using a reloop beatpad. excellent integration with djay, except for this thing and some settings of the gain-buttons that i never can seem to figure out, coming from an analog world where setttings of the levels are critical for a great mix.

The title of this post perhaps should be: “See current effect” without opening effects panel"

I see that this got implemented now! Big UIX improvement! Thanks!!

He’s right I’m using numark dj pro and it is a pain to when u pick effect at bottom of list then close window …when you reopen effects to select another effect or even see which one is on you have to scroll all the way thru others to get to current effect being used it makes me not want to ever use the effects …

Hi Djts2.

This feature has now been enabled for Reloop Beatpad in the last DJAY2 update so you can see EQ, effects and loops on the bottom of the screen when connected to this controller. It doesn’t quite work though…see my latest post.