display track title - artist - album in video output as overlay

Per title, suggestion to allow display of track meta data (title - artist - album) as an optional overlay of the video output.

This would be great for Livestream and live gigs. I definitely would love this feature.

Hi @djsteve,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Could you please explain in a little greater detail how you would like to see a meta data overlay implemented and what it might look like?

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Hi, thanks for the follow up. In my mind it would be similar to the existing ability to overlay static text, in that the user can define the size and relative position over the video. The difference would be that the text would be dynamically pulled from the metadata embedded in the active audio file. My suggestion would be three rows: (track title), (artist), (album), where missing metadata would be simply left blank (so only two rows showing if no album). A typical “MTV” style would be to default it to be in the lower left corner.

Additional functionality that would be nice would be an ability to define how long the text remains displayed: x seconds or until track ends. The overlay should be associated with the active deck, so if deck A is mixed to deck B the text would change accordingly.

Thanks for your consideration on this suggestion. The 2020 pandemic has resulted in many DJs exploring streaming video options, so I believe this is an opportune time for Algoriddim to enhance its feature set in this area further!


This is a great idea that has been previously discussed here :point_right: Now Playing info for Twitch?

It would be nice to have Deck 1-4 track title/artist info in the visualizer. Album as an option. This would be useful in a situation when live mashups are taking place or when more than two tracks are being mixed. Instead of just showing the active deck info, it would be great to have all 4. It would also help to have color coded text and placement options just like the custom text in the visualizer. :slight_smile:

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