Displaying Spotify Charts

Hey everyone,

When using Spotify integration with Djay 2, can you get the same chart views as you would if you were just using the Spotify App by itself? If so, how?

I think I understand.

If you “follow” the chart in the Spotify mobile app or desktop app, that chart will then show up in your playlists list in djay 2.

For instance, I follow the “Top Tracks in The United States” official Spotify chart list and when I go to djay 2 and load a song to a deck, I make sure Spotify library is chosen, then choose Playlists, and “Top Tracks in The United States” is listed as a playlist. I can then enter in to it and select songs from it.

But watch out, those Spotify charts change all the time. I would suggest sitting down and listening to whatever chart you’re drawing from and adding your favorite selections to your own playlist where they’ll stay put.

Hi Tom,

That makes sense and will definitely work for me. Many thanks for the reply :slight_smile: