Distinguish Minor and Major Keys on iPad

What I really hate about djay 2 for iPad is that the key detection does not differentiate between major or minor keys. If a song is in a minor key, the analysis returns the relative major of that minor key. I hear that the pc djay 2 does differentiate and that makes me even more frustrated that they would not put it into the iPad app.

When can I expect this?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for posting.

The iOS version always differentiates, so that’s why there is no setting.

The issue here is that the determined key is incorrect. Can you please name examples?

Like I said, this means that the determined key is incorrect. The most common mistake in algorithmic key detection is distinguishing between relative keys.

Can you please name example songs so we can take a look?

Thanks Matthew, I’ll pass this on internally for investigation.

Hi Jon,

This issue hasn’t been brushed under the rug. Our developers are currently looking into this issue.

Apparently there has been a mistake on my part, I’m really sorry.

While the key detection already does distinguish between major and minor keys internally, the behavior on djay for iOS is currently set to only show the major keys.

On the Mac, there’s a setting to enable “Distinguish”. We’ll look into adding this option for the iOS version as well.

Hi Everyone,

We just released an update djay 2.6 for iPad and iPhone containing a new option to distinguish major/minor keys. Tap the gear icon and go to “Audio Analysis” to turn on this option.

We’d appreciate your feedback on this update.

What fortuitous timing. I just came here to post a question/suggestion about not being able to distinguish major and minor keys!.. very much looking forward to this addition. (An option to show key using the Camelot notation instead would also be great!)

Thank you so much for adding this! I appreciate Algoriddim’s dedication to making the software better and better.

Feedback on this new feature: I appreciate that when sorting by key, it color codes the matching songs. It would be nice if this expanded a bit though. For example, right now, if I am playing something in B minor it will color code B minor and D major; it would be great if E minor and G flat minor were also coded (maybe a different shade, maybe not). It would also be nice if it did the color coding even when I wasn’t sorting by key… so I could sort by BPM but get a hint when something will mix especially well. Certainly not necessary, but a nice-to-have!

I also appreciate that you are continuing to support the Numark iDJ Pro even though (as far as I can tell) it isn’t being made anymore.

The iOS version always differentiates, eh? Then, why am I seeing C in the key display for a song in Am? F for a song in Dm? A for a song in Gbm?

This happens for every song that is in a minor key.

But, a few examples:
“Mental Anguish” by Easily Embarrassed is listed as G but should be Em.
“Natti Natti” by Aes Dana: A but should be Gbm
“Butterfly FX” by Asura: Ab but should be Gm
“Utopia” by Lenny Ibizarre: Gb but should be Ebm

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Problem with Key Detection.

Hi guys.
I’m learning to mix with algoriddim’s djay 2 software for iPad. Nothing serious just messing around whilst listening to music.

Something I can’t get my head around is the way the app lists the key to each song.
For some reason it doesn’t seem to display minor keys, only major.

So say for example I know California Love by Edit Murphy is D minor, however the app lists it as ‘F’, it’s major equivalent.

Or, Midnight Hour by Session Victim should be E minor but the app lists it as G, it’s major equivalent.

I can only assume they group the keys together like this to ‘de-clutter’ the screen or for simplicity?

This gives a fundamental problem for harmonic mixing via the Camelot system. Because if I have a song playing this is for example; A minor. The app will display this as C major which suggests it’s compatable with G major or F major.
Obviously anyone who knows harmonic mixing will notice this is wrong and A minor should only be compatible with E minor or D minor (or C, it’s major equivalent).

Has anyone else come across this problem? Is there a way around it?


Works perfectly, thanks for fixing this :slight_smile:

Why is this topic brushed under the rug. Warren? Acknowledge that the app doesn’t show minor keys so that we, paying customers, can move on to other key analyzers instead of wasting our time trying to figure out Algoriddim’s yet to be fixed analyzer . Really unprofessional.

Hi Warren. Is there any development being done to integrate Camelot standardisation? Thanks.

Hi Dean Payne,

can you contact us via support@algoriddim.com for more informations?

Lukas E.

Hello, Algoriddim. I have my djay 2 app on iPad synced with Spotify and the key detection was working perfectly. However, when I recently updated to the latest version of djay 2, all of the songs in my playlist on Spotify changed key and are now completely different. This means that I cannot mix properly anymore. Some examples of this are:
DJ Hazard - bricks don’t roll changing to C when it should be F
Shy FX - original nuttah changing to Gb when it should be A
Majistrate - pick em out changing to Db when it should be Eb.
I have deleted and reinstalled the app and the keys haven’t changed back to the originals. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.

how do you enable this setting?

i am a djay user and i am on 3.1.4 and there doesn’t seem to be an option to see the key of the song at all not even major or minor… is this only for the ipad? am i missing something thanks.