Distorted Sound with DJay Pro that was not there with old DJay version

I tried sending this to e-mail support, but never got an answer, so…

I use DJay Pro for webcasting with Nicecast through a Shoutcast server. Since I upgraded, there is a very noticeable distortion of the sound of DJay Pro compared to my old version of DJay. With many songs, the signal is automatically set too high and is clearly driving into the “red.” But almost ALL music is distorted to some degree, some worse than others. I’m an audio engineer by profession, I know distortion when I hear it.

If I play the same track through old DJay, it sounds fine, but through DJay Pro, it’s distorted. Nothing else is changed (no other apps, etc.) except for that. Reducing the level in Mac OS System Sound doesn’t help, nor does lowering the level in Nicecast. Distortion stays the same, just at a lower volume. Has anyone else noticed this, or do any of you Algoriddim folks know what my problem might be? I like the functionality of Pro, but I may have to go back to using the old version because the sound quality is the most important thing.

I can provide screen shots of the waveforms, which clearly show a clipped signal.

(I’m using a Mac Mini (less than a year old) with an i5 processor, 16g of RAM.)

iPad distortion I had was fixed by closing the app & restarting the iPad

To the OP - have you turned off the auto-gain setting?

Ask for a refund, DJay Pro just don’t work as expected…


Hi, I’ve just downloaded this for my iPad Air and it is distorting for me too.

Also Djay 2 updated automatically (even though auto updates are off) and now the grids are out. This is the same thing that happened when I updated the app on my Mac mini and they didn’t help me there either.

Yes the customer support is the worse.

Thanks, i logged a complaint to the app store. So hopefully i will get a refund.

Also i noticed the ‘Gain’ control is now a dial not a slider. This is good if you have a controller with a ‘Gain’ control. But if, like me, your controller does not have one then using the dial on the ipad is really clumsey.


Thanks for your reply Mark, I will try when I get home. I actually asked for a refund from Apple.

Well, still no one from Algoriddim has bothered to even answer this with a “we can’t help you.”

But I did find something out - the auto-level that gets set for playback contributed to the distortion. Many tracks are automatically set to a level that distorts, if I turn down the level using the tiny slider next to the VU meter, it sounds better. NOW, if only there were a way to set this auto-level, it would help.

Any Algoriddim employees “here to help?”

No one ever answers, ever. The customer support by this company sucks.

Hi guys,

referring to the djay pro for iPad users: Thank you all for your posts and sorry for all the problems caused by us…
Please update to the new fixed version and the distortion should be gone.
If this is not the case please contact our support via support@algoriddim.com

Joey Swailes is your problem fixed by now? If not please could you send something like the support email subject you wrote to the support section.

Thank you guys we really appreciate your help and suggestions.
Lukas E.

I haven’t noticed distortion per say but I def noticed a slightly colder or more brittle quality to tracks when they play via Djay Pro. Almost like the eq has been bumped in the mids and hi’s, with over all volume pushed up a fraction as well. I A/B’d the same track with iTunes (flat no eq), then Djay Pro and iTunes sounds much warmer.
My workaround for gigs has been to tweak the eq on the club’s outboard mixer or to run through a 303 or 404 before the club mixer and use eq on those. The 303 give a really nice warm eq…

still getting distortion with djay and nicecast,only way to stop it is click on nicecast…annoying every 5 mins