Distortion on master output - Numark Dj2Go2 Touch & iPhone 6s

Hoping someone can assist me here: I’m using a Numark Dj2Go2 Touch & iPhone 6s as a backup for my main rig. All I really need this for, is to play one or two songs “just” in case I have to reset my main system for whatever reason. Anyway, I purchased a Dj2Go, an original Camera Connection Kit & an Ipad charger. I have ipad charger & Dj2Go plugged into the Camera Connection Kit which is plugged into my iPhone. Initially everything was working great (last day or so). Today I tested it & noticed the output sounded like a had the bit crusher effect on, basically it’s a static like sound that is only on the master output. Headphones are as clean as a whistle. If I go into the preferences & swop the outputs around (headphones output to master jack & master out to headphone jack) the distortion remains on the master jack (which is now the headphone output). I thought perhaps the controller was at fault, so I tested it on my mac & everything is fine - No distortion. The sound kind of reminds me of when I set latency too low in other dj apps. I don’t see any latency adjustment in the app though, so not sure what to do from here. If anyone has any pointers for me, I’ll really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Hi and welcome back to the forum. Taking a chance here but go to settings and check the following…

Thanks for your input. Everything is the same as the pics you posted, except I don’t have a setting for “Main Effects Out”. Possibly a limitation of the phone software? What really confuses me is that the crackle / clicks stay on the master jack, no matter whether I send master / headphones to it. The Dj2Go works perfect on the mac, I’ve changed usb cables as well. Even if the volume is low I get the crackles. When I close Djay, the phones sounds play through the master out jack with crackle too. So I’m starting to wonder if the CCK I bought is faulty.

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If the sound coming on the phone is also crackling then I think you are correct

Hi @magrepairs,

Glad to see you back in the community!

May I ask what version of djay you are currently currently?

Additionally, do you have the the gain knobs set to max on either deck?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

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