DJ Booth monitor speaker

I’ve just started out on the mobile DJ scene and one of the issues I’m running into is not being able to clearly hear the master output as I’m typically stood behind the speakers. Naturally this gives me issues when trying to beat match by ear as all I can pick up is the muffled thud from the bass)

I’m looking at buying compact speakers that I can face toward me, but I’m confused as to the difference between all the options (studio/monitor/PA etc)

Does anyone have any recommendations for a compact single or pair of speakers that might do a job and won’t break the bank?

Many thanks all.

I have a pair of 12’ Beringer powered speakers for that job, I suppose you could use the 10" version as well but it’s good to have the 12"s as a back up just in case your main speakers fail

You don’t mention using headphones…do you?
I like Sennheiser HD 280…theyre fairly rugged, well sealed, comfortable, sound good and are $100 or so.
Scroll through this forum for issues with bluetooth to see why I recommend wired headphones. If you’re using a headphone output to send audio to the sound system, it may be time for you to consider a controller/interface as well…so maybe it might be a good idea to give us a few more specifics of your rig and how you work.

For budget PA speakers, I like the Alto TS310 and TS312. They can work as monitors or one of your main speakers.

Alto recently updated the line with the TS410 and TS412 which have Bluetooth audio built-in. But generally I prefer a wired connection and avoid Bluetooth.

If you’re on a super-budget, check out the Alto TX series.

PA speakers can be daisy-chained together using the XLR THRU jack; this is standard on PA speakers. Audio mixers (and DJ controllers) don’t always have booth outs, so the XLR THRU jacks on the back of PA speakers is mucho useful.

some of us out here have passive PAs with Amp racks still…so make sure you know the difference and don’t just grab or make up an adapter or the magic smoke pixies could be set free at showtime.
also, you need to know if the xlr outs are post-system processor and what freq range

(Have I mentioned how I love these “audio basics” topics popping up?)

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Thanks all so much for taking the time to reply.
I’m currently using headphones when I’m mixing ‘live’, but for some reason I much prefer beat matching using speakers when at home.
Also, as a mobile DJ I try not to have the headphones on too much as I think it makes the DJ less accessible to the audience (for requests etc…) - I’m sure lots of people will disagree with this, maybe it’s a ‘me’ thing!

Will have a look into the Altos and Beringers.

Thanks all.

Requests- set up a 'gram/snap/twitter/kik that you get notifications/tips for?

I tried doing something less technical (slips on tables) - but that just invites ‘prank’ requests!!

Request pranks -
Back when I was starting out, requests were written on a clipboard with a few sheets of paper on it at the booth. The paper had 3 columns: Request, by, for.
The best one was “Take your clothes off” “me” “tonight”. never found who wrote it…