dj Cable - improper cue/master split from the cable

Hi everyone, I just purchased DJcable few days ago’ to use properly Djay app. but Im still having problems trying to split the two mono cue/master.
I went through all possible cue-mix setting but no way to listed cue song clearly without master on the headset, both channels are not independent selecting them on the headset.
Is there anyone who experienced same problem?

tks in advance! MAX


Which cable did you purchase? Please upload screenshots of your settings and maybe make a video showing the problem. Thanks!

Try moving the CUE-MIX slider all the way to the left (CUE).

I also noticed that none of the tables are selected for pre-cueing. Press the headphones button below the speed slider to activate it for pre-cueing.

And make sure to keep the CUE-MIX slider to the left.


I’ve got griffin DJ cable,cables are properly linked with headset and loudspeakers but I tried to change positions anyway, tried all possible settings available but no way to listen on cue without master, have a look at picts! tks

Did it already!it just reduces master volume, looks like it’s just a simple stereo cable