DJ Controller Advice Please

Hi All,

Need some advice on a basic DJ Controller for DJ Pro. I’ll only be using this at home so do not need anything fancy, and budget is also a consideration. Not too bothered about Jog Wheels wither to be honest (heretic I hear some of you cry!)

I like the look of an Allen & Heath K1/K2 for design/layout/style but it looks a little advanced for me.

Any ideas of something I can get that will work with DJ Pro out of the box



I have the Hercules 4mx and it works great right out of the box (although I have to manually map the 12 function buttons).

I saw the Pioneer Wego2 on amazon for $209. That’s one of the controllers advertised as having native support.

I’ve been using a Reloop Mixage for the past couple of years. I know it’s not a very popular controller but I have really enjoyed it. The first one I got on eBay for about $90. It worked so well I picked up another one used from Guitar Center, for $50 (shipped.)

Mostly used with Traktor, which I remapped some. I’ve tried it with Djay Pro where it works out of the box. It works mostly great, some better than Traktor, and I changed a couple minor things.

I have Problems with the 4mx and DJPRO. What have you done that it worked for you?