DJ controller advice please!

I’ve been using DJay Pro for a month and it’s time to get a controller - but there are so many to choose from! My criteria are:

  1. integration with OSX and IOS
  2. really good jogwheel (as close to old-school analog as possible)
  3. sound quality (not sure of this is an issue - does the controller actually ‘touch’ the sound, or is it all done in the laptop/tablet
  4. intuitive layout
  5. not too many bells and whistles - loops yes, wacky FX no!
  6. budget - max £500, but very happy to spend much less!

My proposition : Reloop Mixon 4

i own a Reloop Mixtour and i don’t find it sounds crap :slight_smile: but perhaps because it is i didn’t heard better sound controller :slight_smile: i use it either with my iPad or with my PC along with my DDJ200.

I would avoid the Reloop Mixon 4 actually. I bought one in January and have already had to remap two buttons because they became intermittent. It’s a real shame because it otherwise works great with djay pro 2, but for a $1000.00 at shouldn’t have such cheap buttons.

Sound quality however does matter! The reason I avoided the (much cheaper) Reloop Mixtour was because it sounds like crap. Much of what you are paying for are the D-to-A (digital to analogue) converters, as it is this that determines the sound quality.

The Mixon 4 does sound really good though.