DJ Conversion Utility compatible with new djay Pro 2 on MacOS & djay 2 /Pro on iOS

Not meaning to spam the forum. So I’ll only post this once. Offcourse any questions I’m more then happy to answer.

With the release of the DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU) version 2.8 full support of the Algoriddim djay platform is restored. DJCU was originally released under the name djay Conversion Utility, in it’s infancy it was a script I wrote to convert my Traktor collection to djay on iOS which is my backup performance platform.
Over the past 2 year DJCU has grown into as swiss army knife converting from many popular DJ applications on MacOS.

Algoriddim recently upgraded the collection database structure for both djay 2 and djay Pro on iOS to get inline with djay Pro 2 on MacOS. As a result of this transition the conversion of DJCU broke down due to incompatibility with the old djay collection structure.

The conversion routines of DJCU had to be rewritten from the ground up. I’ve chosen to only support conversion from a Rekordbox.XML file. This XML can be a Rekordbox collection exported as XML, but also the XML generated by DJCU when converting from Serato or Traktor. The DJCU converted XML can be used as source in DJCU directly, bypassing import/export in Rekordbox. Similar to how the Denon Conversion Utility can use a DJCU created XML for conversion to the Denon Prime ecosystem.

On MacOS the conversion will have a maximum of 8 cues and 8 loops with their names, the BPM and the first beatmarker. On iOS saved loops are not supported by the djay apps. Thats why DJCU has an iOS friendly option that converts the start of a loop to cue.

The biggest change with the old conversion procedure is that tracks have to be analyzed by djay prior to receiving their converted data. This process has been simplified by creating a dedicated playlist in iTunes for the tracks that are not analyzed yet. This playlist can be analyzed at once in djay Pro 2 MacOS. It is possible to do the analyzation on iOS, but this involves some file juggling which is explained step by step in the DJCU manual. Because all versions of djay now use the same collection structure it’s easier to handle all analyzation by the (free demo) version of djay Pro 2 for MacOS and than copy the collection from MacOS to iOS using for instance the free iFunbox app.

The DJCU routines that handle re-creation of iTunes playlists and folders from a Rekordbox XML have been rewritten as well. The “conversion” to iTunes does not only work for an exported Rekordbox collection but also for a DJCU converted Traktor or Serato collection. This is an extremely powerful feature since it allows for instance an iOS device to be sync’d with Serato crates. The djay and iTunes conversions from an XML can be run together or independent from each other.

The video tutorial is at

the full manual can be downloaded at…

These are the minimum requirements for the new DJCU conversion:
djay Pro on MacOS version 2.X for
djay 2 on iOS version 2.8.21
djay Pro iOS version 1.0.18

older versions of djay are no longer supported by DJCU

The price of the DJ Conversion Utility is US$ 14,50 and it can be bought at

The DJ Conversion Utility should inform the user about the update when the app is opened. The update is free for official users and can be downloaded directly from the app.