DJ personal annotations to display with or behind waveform

IT would be cool if the DJ could put annotations at certain time indexes in a song. These could display and move across with or behind the wave form. It could be any note to myself that I want to see in realtime as the wave form comes. It could remind me to do something or not do something. On the ipad you could just scribble something in the margin of the wave form and it would be there until it is deleted.

Short answer yes.

It would be like annotating hand written remarks on sheet music. When that part of the song comes up you see the note. I am imagining not even necessarily text. I could draw an arrow or write a note on the wave form. It would show up as that part of the wave form comes in view.

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your idea.
Do you want these notes/tags to be displayed on the waveform?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.