Dj pools you guys use.

Hi everyone. I was wondering if we could start a conversation around the various dj pools out on the dj market. I believe that we could help a number of old and new dj’s in choosing the right ones for them.

For example one could say bpm supreme is great for 80s and 90s or, heavy hits is good for new music etc. it would also be nice to see what other dj’s are using.

I do hope that this thread would be allowed on this forum if not kindly inform me.

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Great thread! I have used BPM Supreme, Heavy Hits and zipDJ until now. I also have eyed DJCity but since you can look through their catalogue without registering, I have so far decided not to give it a go as they don’t seem to have what I want.

My favorite so far has been Heavy Hits - lots of Hip Hop but also covers Pop, House and Rock. Why it’s become my favorite is that it’s the only DJ pool i have found so far that gives you German music (mostly hip hop but hey).

zipDJ is also great, leaning more towards electronic music but I was able to find a big selection there.

BPM Supreme has been very hit or miss, great if you try to fill up the gaps, though. Less of a focus on electronic music.

I also found the free downloads from DJ CFLO (mostly older hip hop), DJ Mighty Moves (lots of all-time classics) and Booty Carell (German Hip Hop) great.

A tip I can give is to go through the registration flow of all pools you’re interested in but cancelling before you are supposed to give your payment information. This way, they‘ll get your email address and you’ll get their promo newsletter, making sure you don’t miss out on discounts. Some of them even realize that you were about to pay and will give you a discount code straight away.


Thank you so much for this in-depth reply. This is exactly what I have been looking for… Also use BPM supreme, Crate Connect and heavy hits. Zip Dj seems to be a little pricey for my liking…

I have a read good things about direct music service DMS but have not yet tried it out.

I am looking for your 80s/90s and generally use A mixture of BPM supreme and crate connect for this.

If any of you have some recommendations please let me know

Search for DJ Mighty Moves edits, there should be a few there that you will like. Also, give zipDJ a try. I think they give you a 40% discount if you start the registration but stop at the payment information. Wait for an email in your inbox afterwards.

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Thank you very much for this. This is awesome… Out of interest, is he allowed to share tracks like this? The files seem to be the right size for 320kb Quality however, I need to check… I will definitely give zip Dj a try. If you have a promo code so that I can support you if I sign up please feel free to send it to me.

i had subscribed to Beatport but finally i went to Tidal which is cheaper.

I guess it’s a grey zone. Somewhere I read that they distribute these edits for promo only and that you should own the original of the song.

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These are not DJ pools. DJ pools let you download music (normally as MP3) for a flat, monthly fee. You get to own the music even after your subscription is over.

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This is becoming a great discussion guys. Yes tidal is not a dj pool but it is cheaper then most

My favorite for Electronic type stuff is but comes with a hefty 30 bucks a month. they also have all the latest hip hop with all the edits you can imagine

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Didn’t know LiveDJService before and took a quick look. Do they have a back catalog or is it only new stuff?

Great topic. I’ve been using FranchiseRecordpool for a few months now It’s pretty good on all Genres.i also tried it’s free. A lot of new Artist on there. I heard ZipDj was pretty good also.

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Zip DJ I here is very cool but comes with a hectic price tag

You can ask @Benzi on Instagram for a lifetime discount of $160 during his Christmas week sale or another rare occasion when he posts to his Instagram stories about the sale. I love that record pool

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i am not sure, i only subscribe once in a while, but it seems they go by the current years only, then again… i never went that far back,

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Are you speaking about a discount to zipdj?

Digital DJ Tips has just published an article about the best DJ pools, really useful as a resource: Best DJ Download Pools For 2022 - Digital DJ Tips


Hi, I use the anymusic app, it’s not on the playstore, just type anymusic into Google, and download amoymusic, 5 downloads are free every day, plus another 3 tunes,if you watch, an ad. after you download 7 songs, on the first day, then, uninstall the app, re download, then download another 7 songs. Upto 320. Good luck, and DJ on.

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