Dj Pro 1,4,5 No Search Box and Middle Slide Bar

I have been using Dj Pro 1.4.5 for a number of year and I have noticed there is no longer a search box or slide bar to go up and down in the middle of the program could be please advice me how this can be fixed as I use the search box often during my work. I have looked in the Help Tab but still that is no help. I

sorry, but the workaround doesn’t work on my 1.4.5
@algoriddim: please fix this bug.


If you are experiencing this issue please contact us right away via

We are happy to help.


Lukas E.

Same problem here

I found a walkaround for this trouble. If you press cmd+f and continuosly a letter, appears the search bar. And it seems remains till quit the application. As soon you start again the application, the search bar is missing again. Is at the moment a solution. Repeat: Cmd+f and a letter of the keyboard and it appears.

Yes it does work