Dj pro 2 output on one channel

Hi. I do a radio show using djpro2, just before the show yesterday the app started transmitting only on the left channel and nothing on the right. I ended up copying my playlist to dj pro Ai and doing the show from that. I would rather do the show in DJ pro 2 as i find it easier to build playlists and I’m used to it. Dj pro 2 and everything else is fine so i know it’s a problem with the app. Any suggestions on how to fix this or where i can get a software downloader to reinstall it. Thanks.

Hi @mat_amp, welcome to the community and sorry for the late reply. Also sorry to hear about your issue with djay Pro 2.

  1. Here’s some information on where to find older versions of djay for Mac:
  2. djay Pro 2 is a legacy product that we no longer support, so I’m not sure how much troubleshooting help I’ll be able to provide since I personally don’t have this on my Mac anymore, but let’s give it a try…
  3. When you say “the app started transmitting only on the left channel and nothing on the right” do you mean the left audio channel or do you mean the left deck?
  4. Have you recently changed anything on your Mac? What macOS are you running?
  5. Are you using any other hardware with djay Pro 2 (MIDI controller, audio interface, etc.)?

@mat_amp I’m just following up to see if you’re still having this issue. Thanks.

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