DJ Pro 2 Queue not working with 'Automix'

Hi all,

I’m using DJAY PRO 2

Before using this I had Djay 1.2.1, whereby I was able to create a playlist and select ‘Automix’ The songs would play one after another and mix together nicely

I was able to find other songs, right click on them and add them to the Queue. The Queue would then take priority and play all the added songs, then after this it would revert back to where we broke off from the Playlist

I can’t seem to do this in Djay Pro 2?

I’ve a playlist automixing, I’m adding songs to the Queue and they don’t play?

The only way I can seem to add song is by dragging them directly into the play list

Am i doing something wrong or has this feature just been removed?

Many thanks

Hi @Chris_Stocks,

Due to djay Pro 2’s age and the presence of djay Pro AI (djay Pro 2’s successor) we now acknowledge djay Pro 2 as a legacy application and provide only limited support.

What is the version number of djay Pro 2 that you are running and what version of macOS are you using?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

Hi Mac 10.11.6

Version 2.2.9

Hi @Chris_Stocks

Thanks for sharing that additional information.

When did you upgrade to djay Pro 2 and were you ever able to have djay Pro 2 working as you had it previously in v1.2.1 regarding this Automix/Queue issue?