DJ PRO 2: switching between player modes and song stops mid dj set!! YIKES!

So… this has happened twice now WHILST I’ve been djing… Mortifying !! The sound of silence, tumbleweeds… DJ DEATH!!! Here’s the scenario.
I’m playing my set on DJ Pro 2 with my Spotify playlist. Player is going along fine in automix mode, then I switch to vinyl mode / view to cue up a song without any automix… Going back and forth between both player modes throughout my set.

However, when switching back to automix mode, mid-song, the song just stops!!! Silence. Without any song cued up yet I had to revert to the previous song, a big DJ-no no!
So, I don’t know what’s going on. Is it just a glitch? Has anyone else experienced this? How can I safely switch between player modes? I really love using DJ Pro 2 and don’t want to stop but this random song stopping is THE WORST. Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Cheers, Amanda

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for getting in touch.

I am sorry to hear that. Are you able to reproduce the issue? It would be very helpful in order to find the cause of the issue.

Lukas E.

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for pointing that out. I discussed the topic internally and we will find a solution on how to not cut off the track playing on the “non-master” deck.

Until then, if you solely want to use the Automix functionality, I recommend using the Autmix directly in the 2 deck mode. But note that starting the Automix will always depend starting with one active deck.

Cheers,Lukas E. 

Hi Lukas,

Yes I was able to reproduce the issue at home. It happens when I’m playing a song through the 2 deck ‘vinyl’ mode… when I switch to ‘automix mode’ mid song, the song stops and only the previous track is cued up - so you can’t even hit play again to launch the song from the same spot. Really frustrating as I want to switch between player modes with confidence but it’s not reliable!

Any ideas?

Thanks Lukas, looking forward to hearing back from you on this issue.

Cheers, Amanda