DJ Pro 2 vs DJ Pro AI and new MacOS


I downloaded the new Mac OS. Had great difficulty with my DJ Pro2. It was super laggy. Not responding at all in time with the press of the button on the controller. Desperate for a solution I tried DJ Pro AI. It seemed to respond better, so I could get my cue pointing work done.

Then I noticed that not all my tracks that I know have been already cue pointed came with the cue points. Like at this stage, I’m going to have to redo the work in DJ Pro 2 or keep using AI and redo the cue points of which ever tracks had amnesia of being cue pointed before.

This takes an incredible amount of time. I don’t see why developpers are just making more work. Wouldn’t you have wanted us to be able to switch from program to program and keep it moving? Just keep building where we left off.

No refresh is bringing back those cue points and they weren’t there before the refresh so what happened. It’s the same library with the same metadata and comes out in your programs differently. Why???

Hi @Jillian_Jones,

So sorry to hear that you are having this issue!

Have you taken a look at our FAQ guide on how to transfer djay Pro’s data (Including cue points) from app to app? I will link it down below.

Please let me know if the steps in the guide above did not work for you so that I can provide further assistance!

Hi Nathaniel,

Nothing is working. For me, the instructions aren’t the best. I’m not
finding these pathways. I’m in folders in applications and can find the
libraries but cut and pasting them is not changing anything.

So again, I’m in the same spot…only I have a festival slated for March.
I don’t know which program to use because they are both missing work. Djay
Pro has no register of the work I’ve done in AI and vice versa.

I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t have pulled from the same
library. Ever since the update my DJ Pro 2 can’t play out of my pioneer. I
can play out of Pioneer with DJ Pro AI but when I load previously cue
pointed tracks I have to start again.

Can you or someone take the time to call me and get this figured out
because I don’t understand paying to use an app that was my only option if
I wanted to do any work, but in the end, the payment has created more work.

Please help. There’s no way I deserve to be stressed out.


Hi @Jillian_Jones,

Could you please submit a support request to us at the link below so that we can further assist you?

We’d like to get a more in depth look at this issue to identify any underlying problems.

Please make sure to include a link to this community thread in your description as well.


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