Dj pro ai 3.1.3

Inpulse 500 crashing on Djay Pro ai load - bug report sent to apple
Big Sur 11.3.1 on iMac 2019
Im using my previous edited midi mapping file as a workaround

Hi David,

Could you please describe what exactly you do right before the app crashed? Can you reliably reproduce this crash? In that case, could you tell us the steps you follow to reproduce this crash?

Hope to hear from you again. Thanks for your collaboration.

Hi and thanks Guillermo - I load up Djay Pro AI all ok (runs off the inbuilt midi mapping, great additions to the mapping by the way )

I go to midi configure and delete the mic echo and pitch mappings, (I like to have mic eq control)
click on done and the app dies

any attempt to duplicate the 313 mapping and try to use it ie ‘…edit 1’ it crashes also

the trace shows as far as line ‘greater than 0’ whilst djay pro is running but when I save the mapping using the ‘done’ button Djay Pro AI crashes, it reports ‘illegal instruction: 4’ as shown in the trace

Thanks for the additional information David.

Our developers are working on a solution for this. We kindly ask for your patience.

The fix should come very soon.

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