DJ Pro AI jittery

I can’t find the error. Problem:
When starting DJPROAi it takes about 1h until the software runs smoothly. No matter if I use the fader, fast forward tracks, apply cue - it lags so much that you can’t use the software. Eventually it works.
I can see in the activity display that the software requires > 80% CPU power. So no wonder it’s jerky.
Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
I use the following hardware: MAC OS - Sonoma 14.3 (23D56)

The activity display looks as follows:

What could be the reason?

VG, Siggi


When I delete the djay Media Library.djayMediaLibrary and restart DJPro - a new library is created. Then the software runs normally. As soon as I use my previous library again - everything jerks again.
My library has 490 MB. Is that too much? I only have about 8000 tracks in the playlists.
Could this be the problem?
Do you have any idea what I can do here? @Slak_Jaw
DJ Siggi


@DJSIGGI sounds like there’s an issue with your djaymedialibray database. I recommend you submit an official support request through the djay app and send them a Dropbox or Google Drive link to this file so they can investigate further.


Ok. @Slak_Jaw I suspect that too :frowning:
How do I contact support?
Can you describe it to me?

Thanks DJ Siggi

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Talk to Mix Master G (youtube name) aka ATGR about your library issues. You may have to buy one of his tools.

I had this happen on my ipad when i moved that file from my mac. In the ipad, djay would either;
-quit right after clicking, or just before loading library, or

  • take forever trying to load library but fails, or
    -eventually load library but acts laggy.

He sent me a mac app that fixes the mediaLibrary.djaymedialibrary file by essentially compressing it to a smaller file size. It then worked like a charm ever since!


490MB for 8000 tracks?? Each song only 6KB

Closer to 63KB per track, which sounds a lot just for metadata unless you have artwork for a lot of your tracks stored in the database.