DJ Pro AI on iPad and offline Apple Music streaming

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Wasn’t able to find the answer to this question on a quick search of the forum.

Is there a way that you are able to use DJ Pro AI on iPad with your offline Apple Music library (e.g. when you don’t have an internet connection)?


Hi there, if you have your own downloaded music within Apple playlists in Djay Pro there is a what’s called “local music”. That’s where all your doemloaded Apple Music is stored.

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Thanks for the answer @Dysfunk_DJ!

@eddymac_dj please note that this is NOT an offline locker for Apple Music Streaming songs though. This only works for music that you have previously purchased through iTunes/Music and have then downloaded onto your device.

Thanks for the response. Yeah my normal library is still run through iTunes/Music. Someone else just answered my question (was referring to an offline locker for Apple Music). Cheers!

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Perfect! This answers my question. Cheers!

Great. You’re welcome @eddymac_dj

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