DJ pro automix, with 2 channels.

Im using dj pro at work, and I like to have 2 channels, 1 to play, and one for que. I have each channel going into my mixer, but now I cant use automix. Does anyone know what I can do to make this work ? i was able to do it on Virtual DJ, but cant figure it out on dj pro. My club insist we use dj pro.

Hi Shannon,

If you’re using an external mixer, there’s no way for djay to control the crossfade, since it’s only on the physical hardware. You would need to change the audio settings to internal mixing, and output the master to one of the mixer channels, and the pre-cue to the other channel. Though, with Automix, you won’t need to pre-cue your music. If you want to manually mix again on the mixer, change the settings back to external.