DJ Pro crashes after Spotify log in (v.1.0.27671.0)


I purchased DJ Pro, 5 months ago on Windows Store.I had no issues until the release of version v.1.0.27670.0 .The last 15 days, every time I open the app and log in to Spotify, the application hangs and does not load any songs. This happens only when I am logged in to Spotify. When I run the application without Spotify,works properly.
I have the same issue on my desktop and laptop.It seems to be not hardware issue of my system. (both with operating system Win 10). I use the app with Pioneer DDJ-400.
I also tried resetting the application but nothing changed.
I would like your help.
Can I return to version 1.0.27578.0 where they all worked perfectly? If yes where can be downloaded ?
Thank you in advance.

Mutlu MK

The issue solved .

The problem was the synchronization of spotify playlists section.

Since Dj pro upgraded to the latest version, I haven’t made any changes to my playlists.

I tried the following:

-Logged out from Spotify on DJ Pro (media library settings:Log out of spotify), closed DJ Pro

-Logged in to Spotify app. I managed my Playlists. I added a new one with 2-3 songs and logged out.

-Runned again DJ Pro and logged in to Spotify. Everything work properly, Spotify playlists are synchronized, I can load my songs.

I tried the program for 4 hours and I had no corruption problem, no crash.