Dj Pro crashes from time to time

Hi everybody,
I am using Dj Pro and I like it a lot.
Only it crashes from time to time! I did not find out for what reason, but every once in a while (at least one time during a session of about 5-8 hours) it freezes. The music stops imidiatly, and I have to restart the App again…
I do run it on a solid laptop with windows 11…

Please help me. Since I take money for this, I have to find out what i can do to provide this…

Dj Maihou

Hi @DjMaihou, please submit a formal support request through the djay app under: Settings>Support>Contact Support. This will allow us to collect specific information about the crash and your hardware setup so we can help to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!

@Slak_Jaw Where do i find this in the app for windows 11?

@DjMaihou while in the djay Pro app for Windows open the djay Settings>Support>Contact Support .

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