Dj Pro for Ipad compatability with Pioneer DDJ Wego2

i am currently using djay2 with my pioneer ddj wego2 on my ipad. Can i still use my pioneer ddj wego2 if i upgrade to dj pro? Is dj pro compatible with ddj wego2. I saw that it is compatible with ddj wego3, but i am worried that if i upgrade to dj pro, it might not work with my ddj wego2.

if the hardware only supports 2 ch mixing then it will only support 2 ch mixing in the software. that is a limitation of hardware not the software.

Hi Rey,

yes, djay pro for the iPad works very nice with the WeGo 2!
Have fun mixing and cheers,
Lukas E.

Hi, I have DDJ-Wego 3 and I have just downloaded DJay Pro for iPad. How can I manage the 3 and 4 tracks with the controller? it’s possible or I have to manage them only touching the iPad screen?

Is compatible djay pro with wego 1 ¿