dj pro for iPad pre-cueing devices

I’ve just purchased and installed dj pro for iPad. Having the app on my mac already, I’ve found it very stressing, that in the iPad version one cannot set the bluetooth audio as the main output and built-in output (headphones) as pre-cueing device. This works perfectly well in mac version. Is the iPad version missing this and allowing only split audio cable for different devices to be set separately for master and pre-cue, or am I missing sthg…? Please advice. thx.

Apple only allows 1 audio device, which may have more then one channel (2 channels make 1 stereo output).

Your bluetooth audio device has 2 channels -> 1 stereo out (and dont forget it has a delay if you use if for mixing its not usuable, if you use it for pre cueing its fine)

You headphone (= internal speaker) has 2 channels -> 1 stereo out

Using 1 audio device excludes the other (it’s an Apple thing). On MacOS we have something like an aggregate audio device which acts as a proxy and can combine multiple devices into 1 emulated device.

You’ll need an external box that will work with Djay Pro and has 4 channels. I myself us a bunch of Traktor Audio 2 interfaces (I have them in scattered places like the glove box of the car because when I’m going to use djay Pro its always un-intended ad hoc use, an iPad I always carry with me)

It is noisy, but does the job (dont forget these are always emergency situations for me so happy to get the gig going)

Don’t forget I wrote I a tool to sync all of your djay Pro MacOS data (including bpm, cues and beatgrid) with your djay (2 and or Pro) iOS (luckily they all use the same data file)

On mac your audio device has more then 2 channels. On most Apple hardware the audio device has at least 6! output channels (build in speaker, headphone and some form of digital audio out for instance).

but you are correct its an OS limitation, not hardware, and there is no way a software developer can hack into that thnx to Apple’s closed sandboxed system.

So… making it simple - correct me if wrong - something that is possible on mac (BT as main & builtin as pre-cue, or opposite), will never be possible on iPad, due to some tech (OS ?) reasons…?

Ok thx