DJ PRO for Windows crashes!!!

I bought DJ PRO for Windows in August 2022, to work in some clubs, but it crashes in medium 2 times in a night. For me it’s terrible and a shame.
Imagine a full house and the music stops.
Theres is any solution?


buy a mac? kidding! but not so much: my main rig is a 10yr old Intel iMac that I bought for $300 (i think)…the new m1 mac minis are $800 and powerhouses that will last a decade or more…

back on topic:

we can’t help troubleshoot WHY you’re having an issue with your system with your overly simple “it crashes”. we need more information…what you were doing, what computer(its specs, OS version)/controller…

I had this issue the first few weeks using it. I followed some of the advice from this article and have not had any stability issues since. Hope that helps!