DJ Pro for Windows suddenly runs very slow - tracks at less than half speed?

I’ve been using DJPro for Windows since December and before that used Serato but the loss of Pulselocker made me look elsewhere and DJ Pro with Spotify Premium fills that gap for me.

I use a high-end gaming laptop that is dedicated as a DJ laptop with almost nothing else on it and nothing running in the background. It is an i7 with 16Gb RAM and running off an SSD. I use a Pioneer DDJ-SR.

During December over multiple gigs I had no problems at all. I’ve now done 2 events in January and had problems both times. The first of these took me by surprise - it was halfway through a track and suddenly playback ran very slowly. There was no indication anything else was wrong, just playback speed suddenly massive reduced (ie not within the range of the bpm adjust). It seemed like less than half speed. I immediately faded to the other deck but that was doing exactly the same. I switched to my backup standalone player and rebooted the whole laptop. Everything was good for maybe another hour then bam! Same thing, halfway through a track, slow playback. Again, on with the backup but this time I just restarted DJ Pro and it was working fine again.

At last night’s gig I experienced the same problem again once, although just once this time. However, I was doing a mix of karaoke from a different laptop as well as DJing from the main one, so it got used a lot less.

I now feel really uneasy about using DJ Pro for professional gigs. I cannot afford stuff like this going wrong even though I always have a backup. Also, having to restart wipes out my track played history which is a bit inconvenient. Is this a problem others have seen? If not can Algoriddim please look into this. If you need any more information please ask.


Steve C
Music First