Dj Pro froze while playing spotify songs

Ive been using djay since it launched!
And one thing i have noticed is, just how stable it is! It has never ever froze or crashed!
But last night while i was playing songs via my spotify premium subscription, the whole app just went blank with a gtreen background!
Ive never had this happen before! I restarted the app twice, and it eventually worked but only with my iTunes library!
When i trid to use Spotify it asked me to log in? So it looks like i had been logged out!
I did manage to log back into spotify, and all seems fine!
So has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for your speedy reply!
No the app didnt crash, but what happened was the music stopped playing while using Spotify, and the although the app stayed open it was all blank in the centre, no decks, tracks, anything and was all green!
I tried several times to close the app down by double tapping home button and swiping up and logging into spotify again, but it what happened was, when i put my log in details, it wouldnt log in, it was justs hanging, didnt say wrong log in details or anything! I eventually got it working by closing the app again, re oepning it, then selecting my iTunes library,
Its been fine since
Hope this helps! And i wish i had taken screenshots at the time :frowning:

And sorry! Yes Spotify library is now working. But I took about 5 goes closing & opening djay pro before it did!
Like I say I can’t praise this app enough as being so stable! It’s never ever crashed or done anything like this before

Hey chris,

thank you for your post.

I am very sorry to hear about that. Is your Spotify library working after you have logged in again?
Also did the app crash - close down itself?