DJ Pro & Lyrics

Is there any way for showing the lyrics of songs beeing played when using DJPRO? This would make a lot of people Happy - @Algoriddim; whats you point of view regarding this feature?

Using the Photobeat function, would be really nice with showing lyrics from the current song. Like if you where at a wedding,pbotos from the day could display at the dance in the evening, with lyrics on top,.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Are you referring to special audio formats already containing the lyrics or do you want to have djay analyse lets say mp3 tracks and print out the vocals?


Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, I my dreams it would be like this:

  1. I play songs using DJ Pro; e.g. using the Spotify Connection 
  2. Djay Pro displays the lyrics of the song which is being played somehow so I can put in on a second screen (e.g. beamer) or as a stand alone feature like