DJ Pro • More powerful searching needed

I need to be able to search on and view the ‘Grouping’ & ‘Genre’ & ‘Comments’ fields when searching for music. (Perhaps the search window could be customized so we can choose fields we wish to see and search on.)

I also need to be able to search within playlists.

We indeed need the same column options in the search field as well (I’m talking about the iTunes library). I’m especially missing the ‘Rating’ column.

They hear about this from me all the time. Search need to be better. I anticipate that this will be something they add soon, based on the number of people who are asking for it.

I thought I was missing something, but this is really not there. Please provide customizable search fields guys.

v1.2 is out. This feature request is still not implemented. Any word algoriddim? Thanks in advance.

Fixed in 1.2.1. Thank you!!

Well… specifically, the ability to choose the columns you want for search results, which to me is HUGE

Yes i also need these old searching funktion over these fields.

I have a lot of info in the comments field and I’m missing the search option for that field. Search function shoud be like in iTunes. .

I’m missing the show info option too.

Same here - I use the comments field extensively and was really disappointed to find out I wasn’t able to search based on it.

I agree. Would also love Key and BPM info in search as well as Spotify track listing as I try to harmonically mix.

We decided to focus on improving the searching tool performance before adding new features to it. Hope you understand.

Rest assured though that we’ll keep this idea in mind.