DJ PRO only acceses a small portion of I-tunes library

DJ PRO only access a small portion of my songs from I-tunes. This is what I use all of the time. I wrote to algorridim and received an automatic response but no real response. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work, if not I will cancel and try a different application?

Djay Pro as far as I am aware cannot play iTunes DRM music., only music that is DRM free.
Is this your private collection of music that you imported to iTunes? If so use the file browser option to load your music and create playlists.

Copy all your music to a hard drive and use the browser explorer to import the music you want via USB, works flawlessly.

That makes sense. What do you recommend? I have a large library from my old computer that I can barely get put into the I-tunes library since upgrading to the monthly fee to “download” all that I want.

Thanks Much,

Also… do you know how to contact DJ Pro? If I can’t get this working, I’ll just cancel.