DJ Pro & PRO 2 Cross Fader Issue when using Automix

Hi Forum:

To start, I would like to report good news! DJ Pro and Pro 2 are functioning correctly now, after the most recent update, with regards to the Spotify integration features.

Now for the bad news:

I have been having trouble with both DJ Pro and Pro 2 with regards to using auto-mix to automatically load songs for grand intros while using the fader to switch decks on demand and therefore the preloaded song, from the auto-mix cue.

Works fine most of the time, and is very-very handy. It permits (when working correctly) one-handed, instantaneous shifts, from one track to the next - simply awesome.

HOWEVER, both versions periodically skip a song. - very bad during grand intros.

This started last year, and I discovered that my Denon MC6000MK was starting to have fader issues, so I chalked it up to that. The band-aid fix however, was to limit the fader range, from left to right, by approximately 2mm at each end, if you will. This was accomplished using two cleanly fashioned pieces of black electrical tape, which were two layers deep (one upon another).

I bought new a Denon for this season, the MC7000, and it has been working fine up until this past weekend. The 3rd out of 8 songs was skipped. Then after an attempted play, I viewed the play list, and the skipped song, was still in it, but it wasn’t checked off as having been played. The song before and after were checked off…

I was able to repeat the occurrence, the next day when I tested it out. 3rd reload and run through, it happen again. So, not every time, but at least a 3rd of the time.

I have a wireless, scrolling mouse hooked up to my Mac Pro at all gigs, so, I decided to run through things again. After 6 run throughs, no skipped songs.

This has pointed me back to the combination of controller and software.

On the surface, if you will, it appears that perhaps some of the incoming data from the Denon faders, needs to be truncated, to prevent this from occurring. I have drawn this conclusion based on the fact that after applying tape, as noted above to both controllers, the problem seems to be corrected.

I bought each controller brand new. The MC 6000MKII for 2017 season and the MC 7000 for this season. The probability of both faders being defective, is in the zero range.

If I am correct, it is a straightforward range adjustment, within the software.

Lastly, I have also noticed that the talk over doesn’t work on the MC 7000, but does on the MC6000MKII.

Otherwise - nice bit of software…

If you don’t mind, would you kindly let me know, if this is likely something that will be addressed. I’d like to know If I am going to have to live with tape on both of my controllers.

If I can be of some service, I’d be happy to help. I would gladly sign an NDA, and share data logs from my end.

Best regards,

Frank Cook

PS Anyone else out there have this happening to them?

Hi frank,

Thank you for your post.
If you don’t use the controller while the Automix is playing, this should not effect the Automix.

Do you see a pattern which tracks are getting skipped?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Am I the only one to have this problem?

In automix - which i use for grand intros because when it works correctly, as soon as I fader to the other deck, it automatically changes the song - absolutes brilliant feature!

Problem, to often it skips a song.

Happens on all surfaces that I own. I work around has been to apply tape at the end of the fader to slightly limit the travel.

Does it on Denon - MC 3000 - 6000MKII - 7000 & 8000, ruling out fader defects.

Nothing else to share.

Did you guy’s ever look into this?