DJ Pro WIndows 10 cannot load tracks

I cannot load any tracks with DJ Pro. I have a Windows 10 laptop with DJ Pro version 1.0.27578.0. This was working until two weeks ago. Now tracks do not load. Please advise.

Hi Michael,

I am sorry to hear that.

Can you tell me in which format the tracks are which you are trying to load?

Also in which Library are you trying to load them, is there an error being displayed?

I was able to get around the issue. In Windows, go to Settings, applications, DJ Pro, then click reset application. That fixed my issue with tracks not loading

Same with me, using only spotify. 

I even subscribed to TIDAL and still does the same thing!!

Same with me. This is super frustrating. Just bought the DJay Pro app for Windows yesterday, and it is not loading any of the songs from Spotify or any of the Demo tracks. It’s not a connection issue because I’ve tried with other wifi and it still does not load.

Thanks Michael that worked for me!