DJ Pro windows: login spotify button shows black screen.Login is not remebered

dec 2018
when ‘login to spotify’ is pressed: a black screen appears.
When clicking around on that screen, you might stumble on the correct (but not visible) button.
Then, after login, there is no memory of the login action.

What is the fix for this?

right, this is the fix:

  • after pressing the button ‘login to spotify’ you get a black screen.
  • in this black screen are the right fields ‘hidden’
  • you have to go to the around the top of that screen and see your cursor change to a hand.
  • when you click there, you sceen becomes ‘transparent’ and you will see the fields.
  • problem is that when you fill in the fields etc, your actions are not stored.
  • repeat pressing the ‘login to spotify’ button.
  • try to find the right field in the black screen, use the tab for the second field, twice tab and enter…
  • than your login will lead to to the desired action and will be remembered.
    Good luck.