DJ Pro won't play my Tidal music tracks on ipad.

I have DJ Pro and Tidal music on my Samsung android phone and have no issues aside from the lack of the automix function in classic mode, but i am aware of that. However, I have just installed DJ Pro & Tidal on my ipad now but for some reason DJ Pro won’t play any of my Tidal tracks and a msg just pops up to say ‘Subscription not found’ and asks me to check my Tidal subscription on the website? When I do this my subscription seems fine. Do I need to pay for separate subscriptions on different device platforms? Any help or advice would be appreciated as it’s driving me daft!


  1. Are you using the free version of djay Pro AI on your iPad or do you have a subscription?
  2. What Tidal subscription plan are you on?
  3. Are you running the latest iOS and djay app versions?
  4. The first thing I would do is log out of Tidal from within djay under Settings>Library
  5. Then close djay and reboot your iPad
  6. Open djay and log back into Tidal

Hi. Thnx for ur reply. Im using paid sub on ipad for tidal & DJ Pro AI. Tidal sub is Hi-fi version. All latest versions. Will try ur suggestions, many thanks.


@Puddlepuss I’d also recommend logging out of Tidal on your other device. I’ve had issues running Tidal on multiple devices at the same time in the past.

@Puddlepuss just following up to see if your issue was resolved.

Hi. Yes! Following your advice I uninstalled everything then reinstalled on both my ipad & my Android mobile. After that DJ Pro AI on the ipad is working perfectly with all my Tidal music tracks, the auto-mix function is also working now when i switch to classic mode. Though this doesn’t work on the Android device, but I knew that it would have limited functionality on that platform so no worries! Thank you again for your advice, much appreciated!

@Puddlepuss that’s great to hear. You’re welcome. Glad that solved your issue.

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