DJ School videos won’t load

I just bought DJay and wanted to watch the school vids. None will load for me. I’ve paid for the full version.

have you tried rebooting your device? You’re not running a beta of iOS 17 are you?
Are you using Brave as your browser, or a similar ad blocker in another browser?
I had to fight with Brave on my desktop to get YouTube to play the vid I chose. Didn’t happen on my iPhone 14+, also with Brave as my browser.

I’ve rebooted the iPad and it’s running 16.2. I do have Brave installed but it’s not my default browser. Would that still be an issue?

Wow! OK, I removed Brave (it was not the default browser) and rebooted my iPad and now I can watch the videos! Thank you.

Happy for you you can see the videos.
Shaking my head over the Google’s butthurt overreach