DJ suitable Playlists on Tidal

Unfortunately, Spotify has not been supported in DJay Pro for a while. Tidal, among others, is available as an alternative, but it is not as widespread. Spotify has a lot more playlists that are suitable for DJs and contain extended versions and club mixes, for example. Unfortunately, you can’t find anything comparable on Tidal itself via the search. But I can imagine that there are comparable user-generated playlists there as well. Do you have an idea how to find something like that, either at Tidal directly or elsewhere on the internet? So far, my search in this regard was unfortunately not successful. Maybe you have an idea … :slight_smile:

Tidal ain’t good when trying to find out playlists. Maybe one day it is.

Well what I do is I find playlist from Spotify and then just use to convert them to Tidal ones.

It’s just a tool to convert playlist from multiple sources to Tidal ones.


yes soundiiz or tunemymusic are great free tools to transfer any spotify (or else) playlist to Tidal :wink:

Beatsource is the best right now. They have numerous lists from actual DJs. Unfortunately, they don’t have the vast open format selection like Tidal. If they ever were to get it and add more off line tracks, they’d have a monopoly on the DJ game.