DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister - Mixer / Looper Mapping

This MF Twister mapping for Djay is designed to be used with a headphone splitter cable or external sound card and where you still want hardware control of Djay’s mixer functions.

The mapping files are stored on DJ TechTools mapping site: DJ TechTools - MidiFighter Twister-Djay-Mixer

I use it in combination with my MF Spectra (DJ TechTools - MidiFighter Spectra-Djay-Neural Mix) or MF 3D (DJ TechTools - MidiFighter 3D-Djay-Neural Mix) mappings and a headphone splitter cable for a portable setup with full control of Djay.

This mapping provides independent control of Neural Mix EQ functions (Bank 1) and Regular EQ functions (Bank 2) plus full control of the top 4 rows of the Looper (Bank 3 and 4).

Please make sure to import the MF Utility file in the ZIP so that the LEDs and side buttons function properly.


Thanks for linking the mapping, that’s super useful!

I’m interested in this setup but having to use a splitter cable kind of puts me off since it’s sending a mono signal (splitting stereo into two mono signals) right?

Is it possible to connect a usb audio interface and a midi fighter twister to a usb hub, connected to the ipad, so that I could get better audio? That way I could have L and R out for monitors and a separate headphone jack. But i don’t know if DJay supports that setup.

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@gloi yeah that’s absolutely possible.


you’re awesome, thanks so much! I been thinking about getting one of these, but I’m definitely pulling the trigger now.

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@Party_Cardy you’re welcome! Yeah the Twister is awesome. Super versatile.

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@gloi here are some links to discussions about using USB audio interfaces with Djay

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