Bypass sound card in Reloop Buddy

Hi guys

Looking to travel so need a very portable setup. Have purchased the reloop buddy to use with my iPad but seems sound card/quality is horrible on larger sound systems directly from controller RCA outs.

Is there a way to bypass the sound card on the controller with the use of a audio interface and if so how would it work connection wise?

Thanks in advance
. Ben

Check this out (especially later in the thread): Precueing using external USB sound cards

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Yes, you can connect the Reloop Buddy and a 2nd audio interface, but the setup will become non-travel-friendly. You’ll need to use multiple devices, multiple power supplies and different wires to get it working.

To connect the additional audio interface you’ll need:

  • a powered USB Hub (to plug-in both the Reloop Buddy + audio interface)
  • an Apple Camera Connection USB adapter (for lightning port iPads)
    ** in addition you’ll need the assorted power supplies and cables to get it all working.
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Also check out the Ultraportable thread for ideas to keep your setup “travel-friendly”.

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Hi Mike thanks for this

I still feel this will be more travel friendly than a larger controller.

Can you help me with connections?

iPad to reloop buddy

Then reloop buddy to audio interface (RCA outs on buddy)

Then interface to mixer/speakers

Is that correct?


This video explains the basic setup using:

Note: Both the Reloop Buddy and audio interface should be plugged into the USB Hub.


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Mike how would I cue up using this setup?

In Settings/Preferences > Audio Devices

  • set Main Output to Channels 1-2 on your audio interface
  • set Pre-Cueing to Channels 3-4 in your audio interface

It’s straight forward in macOS. If you’re using iOS, the last audio device plugged in is what the system uses. So if you want to use the audio interface, plug it in after the Reloop Buddy.