DJ TechTools MIDI Mappings

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a link to the DJ TechTools MIDI Mapping page. There are a ton of custom djay mappings for different MIDI controllers to be found here. The page lets you sort by software and hardware in the drop down menus. Plus you can share you own mappings here too. Hope it’s helpful!


Thanks for this. Looks like a great resource.

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Hi @Slak_Jaw,

Thanks so much for sharing this with the community!

Have a great day!

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My pleasure @NathanielAlgo!

Hello, did any of you mapped Roland dj 707m with algoriddm

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Hi @Slak_Jaw,

Very strange as it does not look like any of your recent posts have been flagged for any reason.

If this issue continues to happen, please @ reply me in this thread. Thanks!

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Just a quick note here that the DJ TechTools MIDI Mapping site has been repaired: